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We have installed our Double Guard flood control systems in the Broadview area and offer flood control maintenance and service.

About Broadview, Illinois

“The Village of Broadview, once nick named 80 acres is located 13 miles just West of Chicago located in the Proviso Township. With a population of just over 8,000. Broadview still retains it’s small-town feel. The village was incorporated on December 6th, 1914. Almost all of Broadview’s first settlers were of German descent. The village’s first President was Jacob Mueller, whose daughter Elizabeth gave the village it’s name. Elizabeth named the village after the Illinois Central Railroad depot, this was common in the early days due to maps only identifying larger cities and railroad depots by name.The Des Plaines River ran through the center of east Proviso township, this entire area was filled with elm trees, some measuring up to 5′ in diameter. Broadview lay near the edge of this lake. The early settlers in Broadview came to this area when it was mostly lake and swamp. They drained the area using surface drainage in the Des Plaines river. Due to the fact that there are huge majestic elm trees in Broadview, this means tree roots in the sewer lines. Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer has the technology to look into your sewer line and either clean them out or find if there is a break and if it can be repaired.”

Broadview Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village of Broadview now offers a reimbursement program to Single Family homeowners to defray a portion of the costs of providing protection from back up sewage in the basement. This program will assist in offsetting the cost a homeowner incurs when installing one of the following; Overhead Sewer, Backflow Prevention Valve, Left Station and Sump Pumps. You will be reimbursed 50% of the work up to $2500.00. Please contact your village to fill out an application, applications are available upon request only.

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