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Electric Water Heater Services In Chicago: What You Should Know

The average water heater lasts for about 8 – 15 years.  With that time given, you’re not just looking for a machine that can do the job; you’re looking for a machine that can go the distance, preferably the whole distance, with minimal trouble, top efficiency, and a dependable nature.

That’s what you get with electric water heaters.  These machines are effective, relatively inexpensive, simple to install and maintain, and they can go the distance and then some.

Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. has been installing fixtures like electric water heaters for decades.  If you’re looking for a good product and a great company with solid professional results across the board, give us a call, and smile today—we’re on our way!

Benefits Of An Electric Water Heater

Lower starting costs

Gas heaters may cost less on a month-to-month basis because of the—current—low cost of natural gas, but they are a little more expensive to purchase and install.  

Electric heaters are simple to install, relatively cost-effective to buy, and as time goes on and environmental protections become more of a factor, they may end up being the winner in long-term cost-saving as well.


Electric water heaters test routinely higher on industrial energy efficiency scores.  They lose less power/energy over time, and because they don’t require a venting process—unlike gas heaters—their process is streamlined too, which means fewer steps and less overall energy loss than their gas-fed cousins.

Gas smell

One problem with a gas water heater that might not occur to many as a possibility is that of a gas leak; electric water heaters, by design, will never suffer this problem.  

On top of this, the actual installation of an electric heater is a bit simpler and safer.  Gas heaters require connection to a gas line and a vent connection to the exterior of the building to exhaust used air; in contrast, electric heaters only need to be hooked into the home or business’ power system.

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