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Exterior Drain Tile Systems in Chicago: What You Should Know

Drain tile systems have been in use for over two thousand years, ever since ancient agricultural civilizations used clay tiles to divert excess water flow away from their crops.

Today, the name is a bit of a misnomer—drain tile systems aren’t really tiles at all anymore.  Instead, they’re often robust and complex piping systems used to channel water away from interior and exterior home features like basements, foundations, gardens, and yards.

Exterior drain tile systems work best for keeping water out of the foundation and the house before it has a chance to settle in.  Unlike interior drain tile systems, which only deal with water once it’s gotten inside, exterior drain tile systems are designed as a preventative subsurface water collection apparatus, which grabs the water as it moves through the soil and sends it straight to the interior sump pump.

The Big benefits of an exterior drain tile system

Better for finished basements

Interior drain tile systems are great to have—when you’re still working on the basement.  However, if you’ve already got your man—or woman, or kid—cave set up, with everything just right, chances are the last thing you need is someone coming in and ripping up the floors to lay down a couple of pipes.  Exterior systems negotiate this problem with the simple fact that they’re installed outside the home; no interior disturbance is required.

Worth The Price

That being said, exterior drain tile systems are a bit pricier than their interior cousins.  This is mainly because it takes a little more effort to install and maintain them; however, this struggle can be worth the extra cost.  

Exterior systems are, again, preventative in nature—they don’t wait for the water to collect, they grab it before it has a chance to get in the foundation or basement.  You may pay more, but you’re getting more bang for your buck, too.

Expert Care For A Lifetime

These systems, if maintained well, can last years—that is, again, if they’re maintained well.  Don’t let a group of guys who don’t know a French Drain from a Trenchless Sewer come and improperly handle your foundation.  You deserve quality service from pipe-and-sewer-tested professionals.  Give Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer a call today.

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