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Interior Drain Tile Systems In Chicago: What You Should Know

You might be surprised to learn this, but drain tile actually isn’t tile at all.

Drain tile is actually a drainage pipe system that’s laid out in a subterranean network under the footings of a building.  The origin of this system is over two thousand years old, and the name actually comes from when early agricultural civilizations used clay tiles to divert water away from their crops.

Nowadays, interior drain tile—as opposed to exterior drain tile—is used to protect the foundations of buildings and their lower rooms.  It’s a cheaper and more efficient way to make an area waterproof, rather than the other method of full-on foundation excavation and waterproofing.

Benefits of an Interior Drain Tile system


Compared to exterior drain tile systems, interior systems are cheaper.  This is because there is comparatively little-to-no actual excavation involved.  Depending on where you live and what you’re looking for, you may only need the interior system to keep your basement and foundation high and dry.

Integrates With Other Systems

Interior drain tile systems will divert the water either to a sump pump or to the main municipal waterline.  In order for the system to do this, it needs to be easily compatible with other plumbing services—and an interior drain tile system is exactly that.  This makes them far simpler to install and care for over a period of time than other drainage systems.

Knock It All Out

Depending on the unique context of a basement and foundation, sometimes an interior drain tile system is all that’s needed to keep everything dry and waterproof.  Talk to your local plumbing experts and see if you might fit the bill.

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