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Chicagoland Ejector & Sump Pump Maintenance: What You Should Know

Ejector pumps help expel wastewater from your home in the event of a flood or pipe backflow.

Sump pumps keep stormwater or groundwater from your pipes in the event of a flood or backflow. 

Both pumps are tough little machines, but if something breaks down in one of them and you’re left unaware, that’s a world of hurt that’s going to come washing down your pipes the next time a big storm hits.

For this reason, it’s encouraged that a group of trusted Chicago plumbing professionals like Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer takes a look at the pumps annually, quarterly, and/or if it’s believed there might be something wrong with them.

When Is It Time To Get Your Pumps Checked?

Annual/Quarterly Service

Industry professionals recommend having your pumps looked at annually, quarterly, or even sooner, by either the homeowner or a professional.  And if something is believed to be wrong or malfunctioning with the pumps, immediate maintenance is absolutely recommended.

Slow Performance

These pumps aren’t designed to run 24/7—they should only be activated in the event of a storm or the event of a routine maintenance test. 

If you notice the pump is running slower than it used to, this could be the result of an issue with a particular part, or a problem with the pump as a whole.  Please make a note to contact your local plumbers to ask for advice and maybe have them stop over and give the pump a checkup.

Odd Noises

Sump pumps, like many machines, require lubrication and a decent amount of internal upkeep to stay running.   Most of the time, they don’t require a lot of intervention, and they can be left alone.  

However, there are times where debris may become lodged in their parts, or they’re dry and unlubricated, both of which could cause a series of problems that could lead to total mechanical failure in the event of a storm.  These can most readily be identified by humming or vibrating noises that are louder than normal for the pump.

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