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Chicagoland Water Heater Maintenance: What You Should Know

Water heaters can last for a little over a decade with little care and upkeep, and for this reason, they’re easy to forget about.   And if they do get forgotten about, they’re one of the most significant home plumbing systems that can cause the most damage when they break down.  This can happen slowly or all at once.  

It only takes an hour or so of good maintenance a year to keep a water heater up and running.  Let the professionals at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. help you keep your water heater—gas, electric, tankless, or otherwise—operational for years to come with solid Chicago plumbing services.

What Are Some Maintenance Steps A Parks' Plumber Will Take To Check Your Heater?

Replace Your Anode Rod

One of the most common and immediate maintenance tasks for a water issue is the replacement of the anode rod.  This internal part is a sacrificial part, meaning that once it’s gone, the water starts to corrode/destroy the water heater tank and other internal components.

This is the most important thing to do EVERY FIVE YEARS.   Anode rod corrosion is a serious issue for water heaters and left unchecked, it can ruin the entire machine.

Water heaters use an anode rod to attract and remove sediments from the water being heated. An anode rod will corrode and deteriorate over time until it’s no longer capable of functioning and has to be replaced.  This is a common problem with older water heaters.

This part literally sacrifices itself to keep the tank in optimal condition. That’s why it’s also referred to as a sacrificial anode. Without it, the water tank would start corroding from the inside out which would eventually result in a severe leak at the bottom and you having to purchase a brand new water heater.

Our records indicate that we installed your water heater in 2014, we strongly recommend scheduling a maintenance check with our plumber to see if your anode rod needs to be replaced. Call our office today to schedule your appointment. (847)-676-1931

Mention this letter at time of scheduling to receive a $25.00 DISCOUNT on the service.

Check the Pressure-Relief Valve

The Parks’ Plumber will test the pressure-relief valve located on the top or side of the water heater.  This valve opens automatically when the pressure in the tank gets too high.  

If necessary, the plumber will replace the valve.  Afterward, they’ll check to make sure the valve is functioning correctly.  This process will vary for gas, electric, and tankless water heaters.

Drain For sediments

It’s common for sediment to gather within a water heater as time goes on.   This sediment can become a major problem that seriously affects a water heater’s lifespan and performance. 

With proper maintenance from a licensed professional, however, sediment is nothing to worry about.   When one of our Parks’ Plumbers comes over to check your heater, they will drain the water heater tank—this depends on what kind of heater you have—to flush any sediment deposits out.

Listen For Noises

Water heaters can make quite a bit of noise.  If you hear any gurgling or groaning noises coming from the heater, that’s just the air entering the system as the water drains out.  That’s nothing to worry about. 

However, if you start to hear loud, rumbling noises that keep getting louder—that could be the sign of a greater problem.  This noise is usually attributed to sediment buildup near the bottom of the tank.  If this is believed to be the cause, a simple drain will suffice.  

Regardless, with each of these water heater maintenance symptoms and more, it’s always a good idea to get a plumbing professional—like the ones at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc.—to come and check it out.  Give us a call today!

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