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Yard drainage maintenance in chicago: What You Should Know

Yard drainage systems are an important flood control and plumbing system addition.   Yards often flood after heavy periods of rain, and that can cause damage to both the yard and the foundation.  

Even when it’s not raining, a yard drainage system can be useful to prevent ground water from seeping into basements, foundations, and other areas of the house.  This can cause foundation cracking, problems with electrical fixtures, mold growth, and more.  What’s more, many of these problems won’t become apparent until after the costly damage has been done.

So if you’re starting to notice that puddle of standing water in your yard hanging around a little too long after the storm has passed, give your local Chicago plumbers at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. a call, and see what we can do for you.

Why Bother With Yard Drainage Maintenance?

Foundation Care

Standing water might not seem like too big a deal for some people—and for some people, if the water collects below and away from their home proper, it’s not much to worry about.  But if that water is starting to loiter near the edges of your house, it could spell disaster for your foundation and lead to costly repairs or a black mold infestation.


Some of the drainage systems might take time or money to put in—though trenchless sewers and exterior drain tile are often relatively quick and painless to install and maintain—they’re worth it in the end.  

Consistent standing water over time can kill your lawn, and it could even end up damaging any above-ground electrical systems or even overwhelming underground plumbing fixtures.

Your Yard Should Still Look Good

There are plenty of horror stories of clumsy contractors who leave a good green yard looking like the surface of Mars.  

Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer Inc., however, isn’t one of them.  We make sure to take care of every lawn we do a job on, and we carry a variety of drainage systems that are discrete in the yard and easy on the grass to install.

Chicago Yard Drainage Maintenance Services We offer

  • Trenchless Sewer Services.

    • Cheaper and less destructive to install and maintain than your average traditional in-ground sewer.

  • Exterior Drain Tile System.

    • An age-old means of diverting water away from where it has no business being, whether it’s the bed of roses in the back or the foundation of your house below.

  • Sewer Rodding.

    • Sewers can easily become overrun with plant growth. Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer has got the tools to take care of whatever vegetation has sprouted up in your sewer.

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