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Parks’ Double Guard™ Backwater Valve System

Chicago's flood control system: What You Should Know

This isn’t your ordinary flood control system—this is advanced flood control.

Our ‘DOUBLE GUARD’ Flood Control System is a proprietary piece of technology invented, designed, built, deployed, and maintained by us at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer Inc.  Quite some time ago, we saw the need for a truly innovative and durable flood control valve system that wouldn’t just be something cheap and thrown-together.  People needed something that lasted—so we designed it ourselves and gave it to them.

The system is mechanical and fully automatic, meaning that electrical failure won’t cause it to falter.  Our ‘DOUBLE GUARD’ System is activated only when sewage from the City or Village sewer mains begin to flow backwards towards your home.  When the ‘DOUBLE GUARD’ valves feel the back pressure from the city main the valves close and seal tight keeping your home dry.  Further, the valves can be accessed for maintenance and annual check-ups through our patented fiberglass vault by removing eight stainless steel bolts which release two iron cover plates that are sealed with neoprene gaskets that can easily handle the city back pressures.  This powerful back pressure can easily exceed 200 pounds of force on the internal 6-inch valve face.  This is why we use an ALL BRASS VALVE!  You certainly don’t want any plastic parts in a valve with that kind of pressure, especially not one that’s supposed to keep your house safe from City Sewer backup.

Why Get Parks' plumbing & sewer's flood control system?

Durability and longevity

Some of our competitors use valves that aren’t much more than Styrofoam floats and cheap plastic flappers.  Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer uses red brass for our ‘DOUBLE GUARD’ valve system, an inert material estimated to last over two hundred years.

Intimate knowledge of the product

We have been using our ‘DOUBLE GUARD’ SYSTEM for over 40 years.  We’ve been improving the overall system at every opportunity, we know how it works, and we know that it does work!  With over 20,000 valves installed in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, there’s nobody better to install your home’s flood protection, and there is no better system to install to protect your largest investment, YOUR HOME. 

Professional Quality

It’s not every day that someone, even a plumbing company, decides to invent a part for themselves.  And it’s even less frequent that someone invents part that works.

Well, that’s exactly what we did, and we’re proud of it, because it doesn’t just mean we know what we’re doing—it means that we could make something better, for you, and get you the home care you deserve.

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