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Chicago Catch Basin Cleaning: What You Should Know

Catch basins—otherwise known as storm drains or storm sewers—have been neighborhood fixtures for hundreds of years.  Without these simple but robust systems, entire towns would be underwater after a couple of bad storms.  For residential, commercial, and multiple-family buildings, catch basins collect grease from the kitchen stacks, as well as the specific structure’s laundry water.   Many downspouts, in these cases, can be attached to a catch basin.

Note: More often than not, these devices can be identified by their covers, which are cast-iron round lids that sit on a 30-inch diameter concrete ring.

Usually, catch basins are located in the rear of the building.  Sometimes, they can be found under a deck, a porch, or even a planter or flowerpot.   In Chicago specifically, catch basins are more often found in the backyard.

Because catch basins are so useful, it’s important to take care of them routinely and correctly.  Care from the right team of plumbing professionals from somewhere like Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. could make the difference between your backyard being above or below water when the big storm hits.

Three major signs your catch basins need cleaning attention

Frequent Flooding

Without regular maintenance and periodic cleaning, catch basins can begin to clog with a buildup of grease and other debris.   This can result in frequent flooding that, if not attended to immediately, could cause a significant sewer backup.

Foul Odor

If there’s a bad smell that starts to waft up from your catch basin, cleaning could be in order.  To be fair, these systems flush out grease and laundry water, and they can pick up debris from all over the neighborhood, so they’re not exactly going to smell like roses.  But if you think the smell is particularly strong or lingering, it never hurts to have it checked.

Regular Cleaning

With regular catch basin cleaning, a lot of stress, property, and financial headaches can be saved or prevented entirely.   This is why it pays to have some local plumbing experts on tap, so you can get the advice, support, and plumbing care you need when you need it.

How Parks' Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. Cleans Catch Basins

Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer has been taking care of sewer issues for over forty years, and as a result, we’re no strangers to catch basin cleaning. 

Our Parks’ trucks are equipped with pump vacuums that work very similar to a standard shop vacuum, just on a larger scale.   These power vacuum suction pumps remove air from inside the catch basin waste tank, creating a vacuum suction.   Afterwards, we open the valve on the vacuum suction hose, causing the tank to equalize all the pressure inside, which creates the suction needed to remove debris near the hose.   The waste from your catch basin is then pumped out and properly disposed by EPA regulations.  

All told, after the process is done, your catch basin will be smooth-flowing and able to utilize its maximum capacity and efficiency.

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