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Parks' plumbing & sewer flood control maintenance: What You Should Know

Like any other machine, it’s recommended to have your flood control system annually checked and cleaned.  This helps ensure it’s working correctly when you need it, and that the system’s parts are in good working condition (i.e., the valves are clean and the pump is ready to perform).

When we inspect flood control systems, we go through a 21-point checklist to ensure all the parts are in proper working condition and ready to perform when the city or village sewer overload occurs.

As part of the flood control system inspection, we clean the components of the system, lubricate its moving parts and bolts, electronically test the condition and performance of the ejector pump, and  wash the system with water to actually see the system works. We also clean the pump basin and inspect all of the system components.

After the inspection, we provide the client with a written report describing the system’s condition and, if needed, any recommendations about needed work.

Parks' Plumbing & Sewer Flood Control Systems

  • ‘DOUBLE GUARD’ VALVE™: The Parks’ ‘DOUBLE GUARD’™ VALVE is a flood control backwater valve system designed personally by us, for you.   It’s made from red brass, a metal with an average lifespan of over 200 years. It uses two brass flappers that open and close, which allows sewage and wastewater to flow from the house to the street, but prevents sewage and wastewater from entering the house backflowing into your home.  Our valves are all metal, with a cast iron housing and stainless steel parts.  Other companies use a galvanized metal box with plastic parts and Styrofoam pieces.  You definitely don’t want any plastic parts in a valve with that kind of pressure, especially not one that’s supposed to keep your house safe from City Sewer backup.   The pressure from these kinds of City or Village Sewer backups can be up to 200 pounds, and that’s why we invented the Parks’ all-metal ‘DOUBLE GUARD’™ VALVE.  After over forty years of installations, this system still holds over a 99% success rate, and of it, we are justly proud.
  • J-Vault™:  The J-Vault™ is our patented flood control inspection and maintenance vault.  Unlike most other vaults—which are made from concrete—the J-Vault™ is built from fiberglass.  This means it has a lifespan fifty years longer than regular concrete vaults, and it’s also prone to less damage.   This vault can be installed simply and with a clean finish that makes it easy on the eyes.
    • Here’s a quote from our owner Jeff Parks on the J-Vault™ System:
      • “The J-Vault is a total no-brainer when it comes to FLOOD CONTROL PROTECTION.  For a few dollars more, the J-Vault immensely improves the overall longevity and quality of the entire flood control system.  Once you see the J-Vault installed, you’ll see why 9 out of 10 of our clients request the J-Vault.  City Inspectors even comment on how much they like to see the newest technology being used!  The J-Vault can even help you save on your electric bill, because it really helps keep ground water out of the system.  Again, the J-Vault option is a real no-brainer, and over time, it pays for itself.”

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