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Chicago Sewer Rodding: What You Should Know

Believe it or not, a lot of plants make the sewer their home.  These green little guys take root in the walls and feed off the nutrients found in the mixtures of fluids that run throughout the sewer.

Unfortunately, if too many plants begin to put roots down, they start to block the flow of water and can eventually cause backups and overflows.

This is where sewer rodding becomes useful.  

Sewer rodding involves getting access to the sewer through an entry point and clearing the pipes using a piece of equipment called a “sewer rod”.  This is a long pole outfitted with blades that spin on a heavy-duty cable, specifically designed to cut through the thick roots of trees and bushes.

What Does Sewer Rodding Do?

Overflow Prevention

One of the top advantages of sewer rodding is that it’s an effective way to prevent the backup and overflow of sewage and wastewater caused by plant growth.

Keep Smells Out

No one thinks of sewers as places of sunshine and roses, but most people don’t realize how bad they can get as more and more debris and clogs build up in them over time.  Ideally, you want your sewer lines flowing as smooth as possible, not just to keep overflow from happening, but because the slower the flow, the stronger the smell.


One of the last things any homeowner wants is for a big rainstorm to come through, pummel an already root-choked, over-crowded, overflowing sewer system, and cause an entire wastewater flood to overwhelm their pipes and basement.  This is a very real possibility if the sewer lines are not maintained.

A Chicagoland Staple Since 1981

For a little over forty years, Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer has been a leader in the Chicagoland plumbing industry.  

Our professionals aren’t just the average plumber, because we know what it takes to deliver quality service for a variety of plumbing issues and the peace of mind that comes with it.  We’re so committed to our craft and our customers that we designed our own backwater valve flood control system—the Parks’ ‘DOUBLE GUARD’™ VALVE—that’s seen over a 99% success rate after forty years of installation.  

Our ‘DOUBLE GUARD’™ valve  is a piece of flood control technology made entirely out of metal, with cast-housing and stainless steel parts.  Other companies use a galvanized box with plastic parts and Styrofoam pieces, and you definitely don’t want any plastic parts in valve that’s supposed to keep your house safe from City Sewer backup.  

 We personally designed that system, and it has tested at over a 99% success rate for over forty years—but we’re also proud because we try to be as honest, straightforward, and open with our customers as possible.  Those relationships matter to us, and we make sure to let our customers know.

So, maybe you need sewer rodding, or maybe there’s a backed-up toilet that just won’t go, or a leaky faucet that won’t stop crying.   Wherever in our service area it is and whatever it might be, give us a call and smile today—we’re on our way!

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