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Chicagoland Hydro Jetting: What You Should Know

The process of hydro jetting is a lot like how it sounds.  Jets of water are shot at high pressure down drain lines, sewer pipes, and other systems to clear stubborn clogs, blockages, organic waste, and any other debris buildups obstructing your pipes.  

This method can be used everywhere from the kitchen sink to the sewer cleanout in the backyard—pending an inspector’s assessment, of course—and is quickly becoming a favorite fast-cleaning technique for any plumbing professional.

However, please make sure the guys or gals who come over to hydro jet know what they’re doing.  Excessive or improperly-directed hydro jetting can cause damage to the existing pipe structures and fixtures.  If you think hydro jetting is what you need, make sure you get the local Chicago plumbing experts at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer you need, too.

Hydro Jetting Is quick and easy

Sewer rodding, which is the “old-fashioned” method of cleaning out pipes, involves a long pole appendage and several blades or mechanisms attached that root out blockages and clogs.  

Hydro jetting instead uses a powerful stream of water that flushes everything out in one go.  This is easier than having to go point-by-point and deal with problem areas slowly.


Because hydro jetting is less invasive than rodding or other cleaning measures, it can end up saving you a bit more than if you opted for an alternative means of cleaning your pipes.

Sometimes, It's The ideal Option

There are times where tough clogs, blockages, drain stoppages, and other issues can actually be so bad that hydro jetting is the only way left that’s powerful enough to get rid of them.  

This is a relatively rare situation, but it does happen, and it’s good to get some experience with hydro jetting services as they become standard practice over time.

For Forty Years and counting, we've been here

Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. started out of Skokie in 1981 with the goal of delivering trustworthy, honest plumbing services to customers around the Chicagoland area.   And thanks to a lot of hard work on our part, and the support of our customers, we’ve been able to expand ever since.

So it’s our honor to continue to bring our expertise and time-tested hydro jetting services and others to the people who need them for a long time to come.

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