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Chicago pipe leaks: What You Should Know

Leaking pipes are the home plumbing equivalent of a runny nose.  They’re pretty common and never such an immediate or serious issue that it requires instant attention.  In fact, sometimes, pipes don’t really leak so much as they sweat—that means they collect condensation across their bodies, and it drips off after a while, giving the appearance of a leak without actually being one.

But also like a runny nose, a leaking pipe could be an indicator of a larger, growing problem.   Maybe there’s a backup or clog somewhere in the pipes; maybe the pipes are cracked or damaged; or maybe they’ve just shifted with age and need a tune-up.

Whatever it is, it’s been found that the typical American home uses about 400 gallons of water every day—so don’t add any unnecessary expenses onto your bill, especially ones that can grow into a real costly problem if not handled properly.  

Checking for leaks is a big part of a plumber’s job, and your local Chicago plumbing experts at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. know how to handle them better than anyone else.

Signs of a Leaking pipe


Living in the Midwest and its constant changing of the seasons, it’s relatively normal to get accustomed to certain pesky levels of moisture down in the basement or around certain cramped parts of the home.  And in most cases, there’s really nothing to worry about.

However, if a leaking pipe is left to drip drip drip somewhere dark and dank, it could end up causing a growth of mildew—which smells and can spread to other parts of the house—or even outbreaks of mold, which can actually contaminate parts of the air and water in a home.

This is a bit of a drastic example, but it can occur, and it’s a reason to get your pipes checked regularly, and especially if you think something might not be working like it should.

Climbing Water Bills

When it comes to your utility bill, it usually pays to see some kind of consistency.

And granted, sometimes, the bill’s a little higher, or a little lower, than the regular charge.  But if you notice a persistently rising water bill, it could point to wasted water somewhere or another in your home.  This could be because of a number of things—faulty fixtures, an inefficient or older system, or maybe just excessive usage.

But it could also be a result of leaking pipes somewhere deep in your home’s plumbing system, and those are the times where it really does pay to have a trusted plumber come and take a look.

Flooring or Wall Damage

As leaks are left to their own devices, even the small ones, they’ll start to cause damage seen and unseen, often in the walls and on/under the floor.

At first, this isn’t something that appears all that threatening, and if it’s taken care of, it really isn’t.  But let these little guys go on long enough, and at best, you’re looking at lasting damage to the structural parts of your home; at worst, you could be facing a financial and architectural nightmare as they weaken and corrode, and maybe eventually destroy, big parts of your home infrastructure.

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  • Frozen Pipes.

    • Winter in the Midwest is a cold, beautiful time of year… and if you’re not careful, that cold, beautiful weather might just cause a pipe or two to freeze solid and then split open.  If detected early enough, Parks’ has the equipment to defrost those pipes, hopefully before they split open.  

    • Note: Hot water pipes actually freeze before the cold lines.  To test this theory yourself, put hot water in your ice trays and see how fast it freezes!

  • Root Removal.

    • Everyone puts down roots eventually—sometimes, they grow through joints in pipes, or into broken sewers. That’s why they invented saws, hydro jets, and licensed plumbers.

  • Plumbing Emergency.

    • We monitor our phones every week day, and up to three times a day over the weekends in case of any plumbing emergency.

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