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For almost 15 years now we have been providing flood control systems to Mount Prospect, protecting many residents with our patented Double Guard flood control systems and numerous overhead sewer installations. We are happy to service the flood control needs of Mount Prospect from our home in Skokie.

About Mount Prospect, Illinois

Mount Prospect, Illinois is a northwest suburb of Chicago about 22 miles northwest of the city. With a diverse population of over 54,000, an extensive school system and a strong base of both retail and professional businesses, Mount Prospect is a vibrant community that has much to offer, yet retains a sense of small town charm. In 2008, Mount Prospect was voted the best city in which to raise children.The construction of Randhurst in the 1960’s was the first indoor air-conditioned mall in the upper Midwest. It is now known as Randhurst Village – a vibrant, open-air mixed-use center with national and regional retailers, a state-of-the-art cinema, office space, a 140-room hotel and a variety of restaurants. Another major event in the history of the Village was the development of Kensington Business Center, which has served as the home to several major national and international firms including NTN Bearing, Searle, Braun Manufacturing Cummins-Allison Corp, CVS Caremark and more.The original inhabitants of the area that today encompasses Mount Prospect were Native Americans – notably the Potowatomi. Yankees were the first American settlers to the area and the first to clear the land and establish farms. Yet, the second group, German immigrants, had the most significant impact in terms of population and cultural traditions.Because Mount Prospect has five waterways that carry storm water into, out of, and through the village, there are flood hazard areas in the village. The Des Plaines river, McDonald Creek, Feehanville Ditch, Weller Creek, and Higgins Creek are all potential flooding sources. Wheeling is occasionally hit hard with flooding, notably in the spring of 2013 with many road closings and flooded homes. Parks’ will be happy to install our patented Double Guard Valve Flood Control to protect your home from the next flooding. The flooding typically occurs in the spring and/or fall.

Mount Prospect Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village does participate in a cost sharing program which is determined on a case-by-case basis. The village is also a member of the National Flood Insurance Program and is also a FEMA CRS Accredited Community Rating Systems, which allows Mount Prospect residents to get up to a 15% discount on flood insurance premiums. The village maintains separate storm sewers and sanitary sewer systems. The city does recommend protecting against sewer backup during heavy rains with an overhead sewer solution which can be addressed by the experts at Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer.

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