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With an almost 30 year history of customer service in Park Ridge, Illinois, Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer provides the best flood control protection to the city’s residents and their homes. In fact, Ask This Old House filmed their episode in Park Ridge about the Parks’ Double Guard backwater valve system. Click here to watch the episode.

About Park Ridge, Illinois

If you travel just 15 minutes northwest of downtown Chicago, you will find Park Ridge, a small town with hometown charm that is celebrating its 101st year as a city. Park Ridge was originally known as Pennyville but in 1873 its name was changed to Brickton, and then subsequently became Park Ridge. One of the interesting characteristics of Park Ridge are the old fashioned lamp posts around the uptown area. They lend a charming quality to the art-deco designed Pickwick Theater. Many are familiar with the Pickwick because it is right in the middle of the six corner intersection of Touhy, Prospect, and Northwest Highway.Park Ridge is also home of the very first Boy Scout Troop in the United States, Troop 1. This area was home to the Potawatomi Indians as far back as we can trace, and is now home of approximately 38,000 people. Park Ridge is known to be a place where many of those raised here tend to stay here to raise their own families. That in itself says volumes about the small town friendly atmosphere that makes it unique among Chicago suburbs.Park Ridge has tree-lined streets, which is beautiful year round but also means many tree roots find their way into the sewer piping. It is almost a given that the trees in the parkways will end up pushing against the sewer lines sometimes clogging them. Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer has the technology to look into your sewer line and either clean them out or find if the break can be repaired. Park Ridge is believed by many residents to be the highest altitude in Cook County, which is not really true. What is true is that there are very few flood plains left in the city making flooding a real threat. Parks’ has installed many flood control systems in Park Ridge and has helped the city to understand resident’s options in preventing flooding.

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