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Chicago Gas Water Heater Services: What You Should Know

Gas water heaters have been in use for almost a century, and in that time, their design has changed multiple times.   The concept is simple—the heater comprises a tank of cold water that is pulled in via convection by a cold water tube.  A gas burner at the bottom of the tank heats the water, which is pulled through a hot water tube and funneled to home fixtures when they need hot water.  

Gas water heaters can heat water faster than electric heaters. They have a quicker recovery time when it comes to replenishing hot water. Natural gas is a commonly-used resource in cities, making them a standard water heating option. 

If you need gas water heater inspection, repair, or installation, call the specialist Chicago plumbers at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc.  We’ve been delivering premier plumbing services to the City of Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods for over forty years. We’re more than confident we can help you solve any problem you might be having with your gas water heater.

When Is It Time To Get Your Gas Water Heater checked?


As water heaters get older, it’s normal for them to make a bit of noise.  But if your gas heater begins to make a loud rumbling sound that seems to be getting louder, that could be a sign of a problem.  

One of the most common problems that causes this rumbling sound is a sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank.  If left untreated, this can eventually cause leaking; however, sediment buildup can also be remedied by flushing the gas heater storage tank.   This flushing can, and should, be performed by plumbing professionals, like the ones at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc.


If you start noticing discolored orange water beginning to come from any of your faucets or fixtures, it could mean that parts of your water heater are rusting.   

Depending on what materials certain parts of your gas water heater are made of, the rust could be coming from the water inlet or pressure release valve on the heater.   The rust could even be coming from the storage tank or the pipes themselves.  

So if you see discolored water, it’s time to call your local licensed plumbers to get a handle on the problem.


Expansions to the metal in the tank can warp the gas heater and cause water leaks.   Over time, these expansions happen as the storage tank is exposed to thousands of heating cycles and can begin as small slits that can expand into significant tears.

Another cause of leaks could be improper fittings or connections to and from the tank.   These problems, as well as the expansions in the tank, should be looked over by a plumbing professional.  

Leaving these issues unattended can result in your water heater leaking and ruining carpeting, destroying belongings, helping mold grow in places you might not find until later, and it can even burst and cause significant damage.   

So don’t let any of that happen, and call Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. today to get your gas water heater looked over.

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