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We are happy to serve the community of Riverside and help the local residents of Riverside solve their flooding and flood control related problems.

About Riverside, Illinois

The Village of Riverside is located roughly around 9 miles from downtown Chicago with an estimated population of around 9,000. Riverside is said to be the first planned community in the United States designed in 1869. The village went through major development in the 1920’s and late 1930’s, by 1960 the community was almost completely developed. A significant portion of the village is considered part of National Historic Landmarks, especially the Riverside Landscape Architecture District. The residents of Riverside should be aware that the village does experience sewer back up due to the Des Plaines River running through a portion of the surrounding area. This in turn may cause flooded basements during the times of torrential down pour.Don’t hesitate, call our offices today to schedule your FREE FLOOD CONTROL ESTIMATE! 847-676-1931

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