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Skokie has been our home for nearly three decades. Throughout that time we have been helping the local residents with small plumbing projects such as leaky faucets or running toilets, or bigger undertakings like flooded back yards, or – even worse – basements filling up with sewage when it rains.We have completed hundreds of flood control system and overhead sewer installations that protect many Skokie homes from the dangers of unwanted water.We have also performed hundreds of sewer repair projects throughout the village. The sewer system in Skokie was originally constructed with clay piping, and occasionally the clay pipes break and cause problems. We are fully prepared to repair such issues whether the sewer breaks happen in the front yard, driveway, or under the street.We have also been a member of the Skokie Chamber of Commerce.

About Skokie, Illinois

Skokie is relatively close to Chicago, and an older suburb of Chicago, with many residential areas constructed in the 1940s or 1950s. Skokie does have a combined sewer system with parts of it that were constructed even prior to the 1930s. Originally the system would take in the waste water not only from the dwellings, but also the rain water that drains from the roof through gutters and downspouts. Whereas this configuration used to be sufficient in the past, It can cause flooding during heavy rains, so it is now strongly recommended to properly disconnect the old downspouts away from the sewer system to minimize the amount of water that drains into the sewer system. If proper downspout splashing is difficult due to concerns of surface flooding, we can – in many cases – design a system that will carry the water underground from the downspout to an area away from the residence.

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