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We have been providing flood control systems to Wheeling for 20 some years. Some residents are high and dry protected by our patented Double Guard flood control systems and numerous overhead sewer installations. We are happy to service the flood control needs of Wheeling which is not too far from our location in Skokie.

About Wheeling, Illinois

Wheeling is a village primarily in Cook County but also is in Lake county located about 25 miles northwest of Chicago. The village was named for Wheeling, West Virginia, although folklore stories attribute the name to the rumble of wagon wheels bumping down the community’s dusty main road. The continuous stream of wagons did give rise to numerous eateries along Milwaukee Avenue, earning the area a nickname of “Restaurant Row,” a name it continued to carry into the 1990s. As of the 2010 census, the population was 37,648.Wheeling is the home of The Chicago Executive Airport, formerly known as Palwaukee Municipal Airport, which is Illinois’ third busiest airport after O’Hare and Midway.Because of Wheeling’s location near the Des Plaines river, Wheeling is occasionally hit hard with flooding, notably in the spring of 2013 with many road closings and flooded homes. Parks’ will be happy to install our patented Double Guard Valve Flood Control to protect your home from the next flooding. There are 4 main sources of flooding in Wheeling: Buffalo Creek, Des Plaines River, McDonald Creek, and The Williams Rogers Memorial Diversion Channel. The flooding typically occurs in the spring and/or fall.

Wheeling Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

We are not aware of any flood control rebate programs in effect in Wheeling but the village is a member of the National Flood Insurance Program and is also a FEMA CRS Accredited Community Rating Systems which allows Wheeling residents to get reduced flood insurance premiums. The village maintains separate storm sewers and sanitary sewer systems. The city does recommend protecting against sewer backup during heavy rains or water proofing your home both of which can be addressed by the experts at Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer.

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