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We have been part of the Evanston community for a couple of decades now. We have installed tens of our Double Guard flood control systems and numerous overhead sewers. Over the years we have repaired hundreds of sewers, leaky faucets, and repaired leaky foundation walls. We are happy and proud to be part of Evanston even though we are based right next door in Skokie.

About Evanston, Illinois

Evanston was named after John Evans – one of the founders of the university, and it was formerly known as Gross Pointe. This is a suburban municipality in Illinois. Evanston is located just 12 miles north of the Loop with a population of about 75,000 people. Before the Potawatomi Indians first came to settle here prior to 1830, the land was mostly made up of wetlands and swampy forests. In the 1840’s came the first non-native American settlers, mostly made up of farmers. In 1851 one of the major landmarks was founded, Northwestern University. Between 1860 and 1870 the population quadrupled post war.Without a doubt Evanston is one of the most important and vibrant areas on the North Shore today. It is famous for its beautiful lake front homes and it’s architecture. As far as the flooding is concerned – it does have a history of floods, with the most recent one in September of 2008. Parks’ will be happy to service any of your basic plumbing needs, as well as our install our expert Double Guard Valve Flood Control.

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We are not aware of any flood control rebate programs in effect in Evanston.

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