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Evanston Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps

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Pumps are a big part of our business. Sump and ejector pumps, interior or exterior pumps, residential or commercial pumps – we do it all. We have been serving Evanston since 1981 with all kinds of pump work, from installation to replacement, and to provide clean and check services.

Evanston Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Evanston Sump pumps. Sump pumps are generally designed to handle clear ground water (seepage) that tries to come in the house because of high water table in the ground. Usually it seeps up through the floor of the basement, more around the perimeter of the house or near floor cracks. We carry many kinds of sump pumps, ranging from standard to low-amp to heavy-duty pumps with extended warranties. Most sump pumps are usually 1/3 hp and come with a 1 1/2″ discharge outlet, however it may vary. They are used in both residential and commercial applications.

Evanston Ejector Pump Installation and Repair

Evanston Ejector pumps. Ejector pumps are usually more heavy-duty than sump pumps. They are designed to handle waste water (sewage), such as waste from a basement bathroom, or an entire house or building. Normally there is a tank or sump buried in the ground on the level of the basement floor which holds waste and is covered with a water-tight lid. Once the waste and liquids reach a certain level, there is usually a waste level sensor that activates the ejector pump when the tank or sump is full. The ejector pump is usually inside of the tank itself. A discharge pipe connects the pump to a main sewer line and usually includes a check valve to prevent waste back-up. We also carry quite a big array of ejector pumps, ranging from standard to heavy-duty with various warranties. Ejector pumps are usually at least 1/2 hp and come with at least 2″ discharge outlet (it may vary as well). As with the sump pumps, ejector pumps are used in residential and commercial applications.

Evanston Sump Pump and Ejector Pump Battery Backup Systems

We can also furnish and install a Parks’ battery backup system for pumps in your Berwyn home when desired. The most popular, and also the most efficient one, is our Parks’ Battery Back-up System. Parks’ battery backup system is a fully automatic power source that provides electricity to sump or ejector pumps during power failures. It consists of two deep cell marine type batteries and a power inverter/charger that converts DC power from the batteries into AC power that is supplied to the pump during power outages. We install the battery backup on a Parks’ Platform. That means the system does not sit on concrete floor in the basement. The battery backup should be checked annually, and batteries should be replaced periodically to ensure good operation. If needed, additional batteries can be installed to extend the run time of the pump in battery backup mode. Custom configurations are also available, allowing the installation of two pumps, pump alternator, and high water alarms. 

Evanston Sump Pump Battery Backup System Choices

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Sumpro Backup System 2
Parks' Battery Backup System
Sumpro Platinum Battery Backup System
Parks' Platinum Battery Backup System
Sumpro Titaninum Battery Backup System
Parks' Titaninum Battery Backup System

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