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We have been servicing Harwood Heights for a decade or so now. The residents can count on us when they need help with stopping sewer water backups, or solving other plumbing problems.

About Harwood Heights, Illinois

A village surrounded by Norridge and Chicago with a population of about 8,500 people. The community was started with a single cabin built on a ridge by Israel Smith in 1830s. Smith’s family also moved into the area, and the area was a rural community for almost a century. In the meantime, Smith’s original cabin was sold to the Irving Golf Club in 1908.In 1947 the area was incorporated as a Village of Harwood Heights. The first Village President was Herbert Huening, whose basement served as the first Village Hall. The name for the new village was most likely a combination of the words Harlem (Ave) – one of the main thoroughfares running through the area – and Norwood (Park Township), and the word Heights was added to represent the ridge where Smith’s cabin had stood. After the incorporation the village started growing rapidly, and in the 1950s the Village expanded eastward to Narragansett Ave and south of Lawrence.Today, the Village of Harwood Height is almost a perfect blend. Close to the city, yet a suburban area. The community has parks, schools, and together with the neighboring Norridge – plenty of entertainment options for the residents as well as visitors.

Harwood Heights Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village of Harwood Heights offers an ‘approved flood control’ and overhead sewer rebate of up to $1500. Funds are very limited.

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