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Holiday Tips & Tricks!

Holiday Tips & Tricks!

The Holiday season is here! Time for the family to come over and visit for a nice big feast! Don’t get caught off guard with clogged drains. Proper disposal of Fats, oil and grease, and scraps of food ( or what we like to call F.O.G.S) is essential. Make sure when preparing to cook your large meals for the family this year you follow the tips below.

Fact: Liquid grease from cooking may not seem to be a problem for your drains but as the grease cools, the liquid solidifies and can become stuck in your drains!

Tips & Tricks

Make sure the F.O.G liquid is cool enough to be handled. We don’t want to burn ourselves trying to handle hot liquids!
Pour any excess grease, fat or oil in a container that can be sealed. Be sure to pour it in something you won’t mind throwing in the trash. We recommend an empty gallon of milk or bottle of soda.
After you have filled the empty container make sure to seal it tight. Store the liquid in the freezer until its garbage pick up day.
Dispose of the container with the frozen liquid in the trash.
For any small spills or drips, wipe up with a paper towel and let it soak up any liquid. Dispose of the paper towel in the trash.
Make sure not to let any food scraps fall down the drain and try to give your garbage disposal a rest. Place any scraps of food in a disposable container and throw in the trash.
We hope that our Holiday Tips & Tricks come in handy this season! If you have any plumbing issues that won’t go away with a D.I.Y remedy don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call your friends at Parks’ Plumbing. Call today, we’ll be on our way!


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