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We have been taking care of the Lincolnwood residents’ plumbing needs ever since we started our operations in the early 1980s. Over the years we have installed over 100 of our Double Guard Flood Control Systems, and we have worked on many more. We have installed numerous overhead sewers to protect basement flooding, and performed many smaller jobs such as waterproofing foundation walls or inside-the-home plumbing repairs.

About Lincolnwood, Illinois

Lincolnwood is a small town located between Skokie and Chicago, and has about 13,000 residents. It was originally named Tessville – after one of the first settlers, Johann Tess, when it incorporated in 1911. For the next 20 years or so the village was famous for its speakeasies, drinking and gambling establishments, especially during the Prohibition. In the 1930s the newly-elected mayor George Proesel introduced new liquor laws that limited the sale of alcohol, and in 1936 the village was given a new name – Lincolnwood.The area’s growth was the fastest in the 1950s and 60s after it was connected with the city of Chicago with the Edens Expressway. Currently the village has plenty of entertainment options, including a shopping mall, plenty of parks, and a golf course – all located within the village limits.The area almost periodically gets hit with torrential rains, which causes considerable flooding. The low-lying sections of the Edens Expressway were reported to have flooded excessively during the especially heavy rains.

Lincolnwood Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village of Lincolnwood will reimburse 50% up to, $2000 for installations of OverHead Sewer conversions or installations of Backwater check valves. You will have to meet all requirements in order to be considered for this program. Please visit the link below to find more details.

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