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Preventive Tips and Tricks

Preventive Tips and Tricks

We all know that clogged toilets and drains are unexpected nuisances in life. A drain line has one purpose – to move water from the start point to the end point in one direction. But when water starts to flow back up towards the starting point or bursting through pipes to other points the end result is a MASSIVE headache from dealing with all the hassle.

Here are some Tips and Tricks to prevent them from clogging in the first place.

1. Once a week, fill each sink in the house to the top and the pull up the stopper. The volume and weight of the water will help flush the drain lines.

2. Never pour oil or grease down a drain. You can use household items to pour the oil into such as, empty gallon of milk or an empty 2 liter of soda. Just cut the top of the bottle off to create a bigger opening and pour oil in with out making a mess. You can freeze this oil once the bottle is full and discard it on garbage day.

3. Remember to at least check your sink and tub stoppers four times a year for build up. Remove any hair and bio-film and dispose of in the trash.

4. If you already have a clogged drain try using a plunger first. Apply petroleum jelly on the rim of the plunger for better suction. Do not use a plunger after applying any chemical drain cleaners. Avoid chemical drain cleaners if possible, the chemicals in them can damage the pipes and eventually cause them to leak or burst.

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