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Forest Park major flooding occurred in 2010, 2011, and again in 2013. Some Forest Park residents reported minimal damage, possibly because of preventative measures they took following the first flooding episode in 2010 such as installing check valves and pumps. Other residents were not so fortunate. Nearly everyone agreed that flooding has not been a considerable issue in their homes until recent years. We are happy to serve the community of River Forest and help the local residents solve their flooding and flood control related problems. We can also serve your plumbing and sewer needs.

About River Forest, Illinois

The Village of River Forest is located about 11 miles west of the Loop with an estimated population of about 11,000. The village is closely connected to Oak Park and shares a High School with them. Famous for its beautiful homes and notable residents including mobsters such as Anthony Accardo and the inventors of Kool-Aid, Twinkies, and the Mars Bar.It was the temperance movement that drove River Forest’s incorporation in 1880. Residents felt threatened by the saloons on Harlem so community leader quickly held an election in which voters approved incorporation.Seeing that the Des Plaines River runs right by the west border of the village, residents are more prone to getting back up in their basements during times of torrential down pour. The village does provide many programs for residents for flood control. Why not join the other residents who have invested in something to prevent the water from backing up?

River Forest Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village of River Forest has funding available for a program designed to help subsidize the installation of eligible flood control improvements such as overhead sewers and backflow prevention valves. With backflow prevention, buildings can be protected against the occasional backup of the Village’s combined sewer system. In the standard subsidy program, property owners can receive a subsidy covering 50% of the costs of eligible improvements up to a maximum reimbursement amount of $4,000. In addition to the standard subsidy program, the Village has approved variable subsidies for the Program to Protect Basements. This tiered subsidy program increases the subsidy levels for certain properties located in high risk areas and high risk-limited access areas. These variable subsidies, which are only available for eligible properties, are as follows:High Risk Location: covers 80% of the costs of eligible improvements up to a maximum reimbursement amount of $6,000 High Risk-Limited Access Location: covers 80% of the costs of eligible improvements up to a maximum reimbursement amount of $7,500The Village also has a grant program for senior citizens who are unable to afford the cost of a basement protection system for their residential sewer lines. The Senior Basement Protection Grant will work with the existing “Protect Your Basement” Program. Senior citizens who qualify will be eligible to have remaining cost paid for by this grant.The Village has a Pump Loaner Program to assist residents experiencing rear yard flooding associated with heavy rains and snow melt. Rear yard flooding can approach foundations/basement windows which could cause basement flooding. The Village has three electric submersible pumps and is making them available to residents interested in pumping surface water out of rear yards.Parks’ Plumbing and Sewer can address all these problems with their patented backflow valves, flood control systems, and yard drainage systems.River Forest Flood Control Program River Forest Protect Your Basement Information and Application Packet Senior Citizen Basement Protection Program Senior Citizen Basement Protection Program Application

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