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SKOKIE Residential Yard Drainage Assistance Program

SKOKIE Residential Yard Drainage Assistance Program

Residents of Skokie, did you know that the Village’s Engineering Division offers a complimentary program to help residents address rear yard drainage issues!

At no cost to you, the village will examine the subject area and identify solutions that will help reduce ponding in the rear yard. They do not contribute to the implementation of the solutions but they will come out and start the process of identifying the problem and coming up with the best solution. Whether it be to install a catch basin, re-grade the yard or shifting downspouts, Parks’ would be happy to come out and give you an estimate.

For more information about the Program, please contact the Village @ 847-933-8231 or visit to access the Residential Yard Drainage Assistance Program form.

If you have already contacted the Village and are ready to move forward with the next step, please contact our office to set up your FREE ESTIMATE!

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